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el lissitzky  the devoted communist and constructivist russian intellectual, el lissitzky, travelled to europe with the intention of promoting comrade artists.  these ideas were often represented through his theoretically inclined constructivist comrades in asnova (the association of new architects).  lissitzky's brilliance and vision, his socialite talent for recruiting fellow intellectuals, soon allowed him to form the international faction of constructivists; transposing constructivism for communism to replace a political term with an artistic ideology.  the dutch de stijl group soon affiliated themselves to the constructivist brigade.  pulmonary tuberculosis brought el lissitzky to switzerland where he was greeted by the young dutch architect and ardent communist, mart stam, whom the russians' ideologies had inspired two years earlier.  to their mutual advantage an alliance formed between stam with his swiss colleagues and el lissitzky; an unusual coupling between asnova's theoretical, often unbuildable, constructivism and stam's functional pragmatism. the swiss group was called abc. le li
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