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johannes itten  the elements of colour - a study of the colour agent and colour effect with a changing contrast.  a key figure at the bauhaus in weimar, swiss born johannes itten taught the preliminary course at the school from 1919. itten was primarily responsible for the appointment of kandinsky, klee, munche and schlemmer.  his persona at the school was almost mythological where he also was an exponent of his extraordinary pedagogical ideologies.  in 1944 johannes itten, then director of the school of applied arts in zürich, invited max bill to replace him, teaching form at the school.  bill enjoyed teaching, with a young family the stable income was beneficial, bill systematically expanded the course.  however, when class members dropped to four, with a pupils specialist teacher having persuaded them to give up bill's instructions; bill cancelled the class, went to the secretary and turned in his key, citing regulations that a course must have five participants.  the war was over, travel was no longer restricted, bill promptly left for paris. johannes itten
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