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max bill  the architect must be an artist who is conscious of responsibility towards the present and future.  his (her) guiding motive will be, in all modesty, the service of mankind (and environment).  architecture is a social art, it must serve.  max bill is an epitome of the 'total artist', creative in almost every field of design throughout his entire career.  bill developed universal concepts on design, applying them with fervour, consistent with his bauhaus ideologies.  max bill studied at the bauhaus between 1927-28 before returning to switzerland to practice as an architect, artist, sculptor, graphic designer, theorist and politician.  the theme consists of the continuous development of an equilateral triangle to a regular octagon.  in other words the third side of the triangle which would close it is moved outwards so as to form one of the sides of the quadrangle [square].  in this way the area of the triangle remains open and is merely suggested. the transition from one polygon to the next are all made in the same fashion.  the resultant figure is a spiral composed of straight lines of equal length.  the angles and the areas between these lines show a great variety of form and tension.
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