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le corbusier  in l925, max bill saw the pavilion de l'esprit nouveau from le corbusier at the exposition internationale des arts decoratifs et industriels moderne in paris.  that, together with a lecture from le corbusier, 'turned his head'.  from then on, not even eighteen years old, it was clear to him that he wanted to become an architect.  with the pavilion le corbusier had introduced new living forms, new furnishings, new art, and a new urban planning concept for paris, the plan voisin.  from then on bill's interest lay with the neues bauen and the new design. accordingly, the architect should no longer see himself as an artist, but rather as a 'constructor of a new society'. for bill, the work of the designer was a contribution to the development of society and to the raising of the level of culture of our time.  design should not serve to maximise profit, such as the current use of design as a marketing instrument, but rather serve to build a better future.  as one of the important new designers of the things in our daily living, building, seeing, and living, max bill is in the heart of the struggle for a better tomorrow, like his compatriot le corbusier, like einstein, like mies van der rohe and gropius.
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