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sophie scholl - die letzten tage a film by marc rothemund  münich 1943. a group of students are members of the anti-war movement weiße rose, including siblings hans and sophie magdalena scholl, instigate passive resistance in an attempt to denounce the nazi regime.  sophie and her brother are arrested, and an intense psychological duel ensues in the interrogation room between her and gestapo officer robert mohr. ultimately comes the crushing evidence, her confession, and her desperate attempt to protect her brother and friends.  based on transcripts of the interrogation and witness interviews, this is a tense account of an extremely courageous stance taken against overwhelming odds.  at the climax of events we move to the courtroom, where proceedings are dominated by the ranting outbursts of judge roland friesler.  still, it's an undeniably rousing moment when sophie spits back that he'll soon be standing where we are now.  on february 22nd, the scholl brother and sister with their aide christoph probst are accused of high treason and sentenced to death.  the claustrophobic intensity and emotional punch are catastrophically moving.
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