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values  guided by strong principals and design values, atelier bill architects focus on creating inspirational work that is realistic to implement technically, economically, politically and socially. all projects share in common a collaborative, immersive approach that encourages broad engagement with a sensitive contextual response.  the best ideas may come from anywhere, so nurture a culture of inclusion with a shared aspiration of progressive creativity. we continue to learn and evolve, developing ideas which challenge, by drawing on individual strengths, our community of practice kindles each project from initiation to completion.  we strive to work in an atmosphere of open exchange, with the aspiration to develop social, cultural and environmental sustainability with simple, elegant solutions to complex design challenges. pecha-kucha nights norwich
atelier bill architects 32 prince of wales road norwich nr1 1lg. tel. +44 [0]1603 461 171 richard rogers exhibitionpecha-kucha night norwich

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