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machuca a film by andrés wood  a long time in anticipation, but with the former president of chile incarcerated this is a most compelling film set in 1973 around the US sponsored coup that plunged the country into thirty years of horrific injustice.  gonzalo, an 11 year old boy attends posh catholic school, where the progressive priest is determined to counteract prejudice by allowing indigenous boys from a neighbouring town to attend school.  gonzalo befriends pedro machuca, together they embark on adventures amidst the country's political polarised conditions.  the incendiary focus, the inventive story from a boy's neutral perspective from both extremes of privilege and depravation, with no concept of what that beholds.  but as the film progresses, they begin to understand the brutal truth of the world they share.  the result is one of the most startling effective political films, captivating, compelling yet catastrophic. the film moves from the point of hope to the edge of hopelessness and over with the sound of a single shot. exquisitely filmed, with sublime scenography capturing beyond surface texture to the social political situation that builds gradually into clear focus, with artful touches drawing powerful life and emotional resonance to the story.
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