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Bellevue Arts Museum [Stephen Holl]   Whilst working in Seattle, the principal Architect of Ďatelier-billí Architects worked in the local practice of the Architectís responsible for the realisation of Stephen Hollís creative Bellevue Arts Museum.  Steven Holl's sculptural form making, is developed from an interest in the poetics of space, colour, and materiality, and a fascination with scientific phenomena. Hollís working methods function as manifesto, Ďtriplenessí is a conceptual theme that is embedded throughout the new Bellevue Art Museum in Washington, from detail, plan, & section.  Natural Light is of psychological importance.  When you can feel the change of seasons, the change of light in the day, you take it in psychologically - the feeing of the orchestration of light, a subtle feeling of the geometry bending and bringing you around certain corners. - Stephen Holl bam - stephen holl
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