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mount fuji architects - japan  sakura house: for a couple planned in meguro, the site is situated in an area where land costs are the highest in tokyo.  the area is typically cluttered, like many areas in downtown tokyo.  in creating a better living environment, referencing two houses by mies and johnson & the sense of freedom that makes us want to walk naked inside these houses within their transparency & the pleasant environment - the forest.  since 'the forest' itself already provides a comfortable living environment, it is left for the architecture to separate internal to external atmospheres with thin, transparent membranes.  mount fuji architect's sought to create a presence that would replace this 'forest'.  more precisely, to generate walls made of lace-like steel that filters light like sunshine through foliage, with holes punched out in a floral pattern depicting cherry blossoms.  the abstracted forest, is greeted by an environment filled with anticipation for a living comfort.   the place is a pure living environment and is neither a symbol called house nor a residential area.  a bright depth, beyond the reach of urbanism, is born in tokyo. mount fuji architects
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