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desert flower sherry horman  somalian born waris dirie became one of the world's most sought after models.  born into a family of goat-herding nomads, waris' fascinating path would take her from the northeast african deserts to the world's most prestigious fashion runaways and magazines.  at 13, waris fled forced marriage, and crossed days of desert alone before reaching the somalia capital of mogadishu.  relatives soon shipped her off to london to work as a servant in the somali embassy, where she spent the rest of her adolescent years.  when faced with the threat of returning to war torn somali, waris finds herself homeless and illegal.  spunky shop girl marilyn takes waris in and becomes a trusted friend.  while working in a fast food restaurant, waris is discovered by star photographer terry donaldson, and ambitious great agent lucinda guide her transformation into a working model.  behind the fašade of waris's new life lies a deeply heart stiring fate.  despite her success, waris remains burdened by a violent childhood secret. her story unleashes a wave of sympathy and controversy, and waris decided to dedicate life to fighting this barbaric tradition.
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