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tadao ando   ando’s work aims to reconnect man with man and man with nature, with architecture as the intermediary.  though his work inevitably adheres to the internal discipline of japanese culture, ando insists that architecture must be more than an autonomous art form, and must concern itself primarily with the enrichment of the human spirit.  the simplicity of such a proposition belies the extreme complexity of the concepts and concerns that frame the only superficial simplicity of his buildings.  ando’s works are characterised by a confrontation between nature and architecture.  nature is neither additional to his buildings, not decorative - planting is rarely found in or around his buildings but for him a principal component: i believe that architectural materials are not limited to wood or concrete that have tangible forms, but go beyond to include light and wind - which appeals to our senses.  nature cuts deeply into both his architecture and into the lives of the inhabitants, forging a dialogue with both.  whilst working in japan the principal architect of atelier bill collaborative had the opportunity to spend time in tadao ando's office - a rare privilege.
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