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river chapel  inspired by the work of the bauhaus architect max bill and his project for the venice biennale in 1951, the project draws on both its radical formal appearance and sophisticated spatial effect.  the design consists of a conglomerate of simple boxes or containers for worship, each space is as neutral and timeless as possible.  beneath the simple form belies a complex spacial configuration, the rectangle divided by an off-centre axis into four bays that provide the basis for the differently dimensioned spaces.  a tall closed box forms the chapel with a cross of light cut in the alter wall, simple adoration, with powerful imagery.  a garden refectory overlooks the open spiritual garden to create a meditation space at one with nature.  the point where the four cubes meet is of central importance, here all the walls recede to reveal an overview of the entire space.  a column marks the meeting point of the chapel. smaller cubes reach out tentacle like to define an entrance, whilst a simple monolithic bell tower reaches towards the sky. river chapel
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