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a marketplace for modern art  the inventive approach to the refurbishment of a marketplace provided the opportunity for a layering of space, both through time and physical stratification of the site.  the art gallery would occupy the space beneath the marketplace with large glass lanterns to draw light to the space beneath.  these in turn would illuminate the plaza created for evening activity to become a lively cultural space for the city.  one activity supporting the other in a metaphorical play reinforcing the concept of society.  three activities fused together would animate a space previously under-utilised by one and create a life and energy that had not existed before.  with immense disappointment this opportunity was not realised in the face of conservatism for preserving a weary market structure just a few decades old.  utterly senseless local politics being driven by a lack of vision and belief in society.  the market place for modern art provided the opportunity for a focus to contemporary life within the heart of the city invigorating culture and the aspirational idealism of art in society. marketplace for modern
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