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harvey lane  the mews project is seen as a prototypical model of a contemporary living form.  every opportunity is provided for interior and exterior space to fuse.  the duel orientation of the ground floor living spaces provides for a more public dining terrace with a more private garden to the rear.  the opportunity of fabulous views across a river valley afforded the prospect of an alternative living room on a spacious penthouse terrace beneath the green ecological roof.  the design intends to form an illustrative model of modern ecological living in the twenty-first century.  nature entering and occupying every space to enrich the lives of the inhabitants. contemporary detailing of the simple honest exterior fašade and ideological depth of the interior space with the fusion of volumes and light create a viable spiritual reinterpretation to form modern living accommodation.  an outstanding modern design, worthy of inclusion in the architectural review - the norwich society harvey lane
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