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adelaide street  the project is a demonstration of a robust modernism with minimalist detail.  the design is conceived as a prototypical model for social housing with the emphasis on the quality of interior space and light within a confined site.  the parameters of the site provided are not a restriction but formed liberation through clear focus. space is maximised by melding exterior and interior to remove visual boundaries and create a living space from a refined interpretation of a japanese garden. even small spaces such as the bathroom draw external space at roof level into the interior to create a sense of harmony with nature, the unexpected creating delight.  the exterior presents a powerful simple fašade to the street, whilst opening the accommodation to bring the garden into the living accommodation at the rear, whilst drawing light through the extensive roof lights down through three storeys to model the space.  ecologically the project has a minimal heating load through considered planning and conservation of resources, whilst not taking away soft landscaping through the provision of an ecological green roof. adelaide street
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